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4 Tips for Effective Maintenance of Fiber Blowers

March 10, 2021

Fiber blowers play an important role in effectively inserting a cable wire into any spot with minimal to no damage. Traditional slow-insertion cannot achieve a secure fit in cable installation projects, while a cable blower can flawlessly handle it in the shortest time possible. To ensure the consistent performance of blowers, it's important to service them with proper maintenance. Here are four efficient ways in which you can do so.



Tips for Maintenance of Fiber Blowers




Lubricate the Drive Train Properly

If there’s insufficient lubrication, friction can cause damage to the drive belt of fiber blowers. Friction can also reduce the capacity of blowers to launch and blow the cable into the insertion point accurately and steadily. A lot of companies look into lubrication on a weekly basis. We recommend doing this on a daily basis and using only a manufacturer-approved lubricant as required. 


Clean the Air Chamber

Fiber blowers have an air chamber that yields the compressed air effect which sends the cable into the insertion point with enough force and power. If the air chamber lacks compression due to contamination by dust and debris, then it requires immediate cleaning. In fact, we advise having the air chambers cleaned every day right after your daily operations are done.


Oil the Frame Pivot

The pivot frame plays a huge role in the accurate launch and direction of the fiber optic cable. To ensure that it moves smoothly without friction and with precision, technicians must ensure to lubricate it well on a daily basis. If there is any minor damage to your blower's pivot frame, then it most likely warrants a complete frame replacement.


Check Hydraulic Hoses for Leaks and Cracks

Hydraulic hoses allow the machine to adjust the needed pressure that will be used to blow the cable right into its installation point securely and with no damage. If the hydraulic hoses have leaks and cracks, then you'll need the help of qualified technicians from AMAC Equipment to help resolve such issues quickly. While pressure can cause progressive slow damage, daily maintenance would be useful to keep damages under control.


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