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The Best Fiber Blowers for Effective Fiber Optic Cable Installation

February 21, 2018

Fiber blowers are essential tools in any construction or upgrade, necessary to install fiber optic cables. They are commonly used by network cable installers to fit the fiber optic cables into telecom or micro ducts through compressed air or water.


Fiber blowers are available in different models, each offering specific benefits and drawbacks.


Cable blowing is considered to be the safest and most efficient way to install fiber optic cables. AMAC Equipment provides a wide variety of tools and equipment to cater to the different requirements of cable installation teams. You can take on any job with our range of fiber blower models:


Pressurized blowing system

This fiber blower uses two forces in installing fiber optic cables. The combination of pulling force and pushing force causes the cable to go through the duct like air. Today, many fiber optic cable installations make use of pressurized blowing system due to their greater installation speeds with less difficulty or risk than other pulling methods.



This blower is lightweight, making it a portable solution for easy installation of both traditional and micro fiber optic cable. The compact design is best suited for the most difficult to reach spots and “last mile” cable installations. This modern version has made installations much easier.


Hand-held fiber blower

This option is great for shorter run or micro fiber optic cable installations. The hinged design of the unit facilitates easy installation and removal of duct and fiber. AMAC’s hand-held fiber blower model installs fiber from 5.8mm to 28.7mm into a duct from 10mm to 50.8mm. It is also an ideal tool to install flat fiber optic cable.


Our range of products are all made of high quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. With five decades of industry experience, you can rest assured our products meet the industry’s highest standards. We are not just capable of providing the tools needed to lay fiber optic cables in any location, but also offer expert advice, recommendations and equipment accessories to promote safety and efficiency.


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