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Your Buying Guide for Cable Pulling Grips

December 20, 2019

A cable pulling grip is designed to help users grip and hold cables during installations, repairs, and removals. AMAC Equipment’s cable pulling grips are made of high-quality galvanized steel strands, assuring their durability and reliability. If you do not use a cable pulling grip, you may damage the cable and put yourself at risk of workplace injury.


At AMAC Equipment, our cable pulling grip products are made to order.


There is a great need to have a custom option for grips because every cable pulling project is different. As such, you may want to undergo a consultation process with AMAC before ordering your cables in order to make sure you get the right products,


Here is a step-by-step guide on what to determine before making your order. On top of that, here are some handy tips to keep in mind during the selection process.


Cable Pulling Grip Types


The two most commonly used cable pulling grip types are set screw grips and wire mesh grips.


Set screw grips use two or more of its opposing screws to provide positive locking. These types of grips are more flexible in terms of the size and number of cables being pulled, as they can even accommodate pulls of up to four cables by using individual locking heads.


Wire-mesh grips rely on many points of mechanical gripping through each cross section in the wire grip, making it very dependable.


Single Weave, Double Weave or Multi-Weave Wire Mesh Grips


Determining the size of the cable being pulled will also help you choose the right grip design among single weave, double weave, and multi weave wire mesh grips.


Single weave wire mesh grips are often used by electricians with smaller operations such as connecting insulated wire bundles to pulling tape or pulling wire rope through conduits.


Double weave mesh grips are designed for added mesh contact and have greater strength than single weave wire mesh grips. For this reason, they can handle longer and heavier pulling jobs such as the installation of underground cables and communication lines.


Multi weave grips are designed for pulling aluminium or copper bare conductors, insulated cables, and wire rope. These grips are ideal for distribution line stringing and overhead transmissions.


Pulling Eye


The pulling eye, commonly attached to the top of the puling grip, can either be a rotating, flexible, or breakaway type.  If the cable has to go through a lot of bends in the conduit, a swivel eye type is best to avoid cables from getting tangled.


The flexible eye type is less rigid and follows the line of the pull around corners and bends. It is seen most commonly in single weave cable pulling grip types for light pulling jobs as it allows for easy attachment to a pulling line. The breakaway eye type, on one hand, functions as a swivel eye but will break if the tension is too great.


You will need to carefully consider the above factors before purchasing the right cable pulling grip for your applications.


At AMAC Equipment, we offer all kinds of options for your cable pulling grip order, including fiber optic pulling grips. Get in touch with us to learn more about our products!