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Work Tents to Help Boost Your Crew’s Productivity and Morale

June 25, 2018

Anyone who has experienced cable installation out in the open will appreciate the benefits of having an enclosed space where one can rest awhile or store cable installation equipment away from the elements. Work tents are a great tool; nay, a must-have for outdoor jobs.


Work tents are a great way of raising the morale of your crew and adding productivity to your cable installation or other construction project.


Particularly in a country like ours, where we experience a full breadth of seasons – from an icy winter to a hot summer – working in the elements constantly can be tremendously draining for crews and demoralizing to boot. What’s more, without a safe place to stash your gear, you are more likely to suffer increased overheads.


Keeping your crew out of the wind (chill) and giving them respite from the sun beating down constantly will not never go unappreciated. It allows people to regain their strength and composure, and resume work with renewed vigour. Depending on how you choose to furnish your work tents, they can even be a great place for a cafeteria or a resting area. Again, anyone who has experience managing or working with a crew working on a difficult (and lengthy) cable installation will know just how much of a positive difference having work tents can make.


Numerous contractors have chosen to complement their work tents with furniture such as a plastic folding table and chairs. These are great as a place for having a place to spread out charts and blueprints - using as a makeshift site office – when commencing the job, and can later be a simple but very effective place for you and your crew to luncheon.


Being so light and easily stowed, work tents have been used by many as temporary storage space too. To avoid damage to sensitive electronics, keep your cable supplies dry, and reducing the heating effect of having cable lie uncovered in the sun, numerous contractors have erected work tents as temporary site storage.


And our work tents add to your productivity without adding to your burden. Made of light, but strong, fiberglass structural supports and nylon, our tents will take up little room in your truck and can be handled easily. In fact, their light weight means setting them up takes no time at all and is not physically taxing for just the one person required to set them up.


Our work tents’ nylon covers are coated with urethane for additional water resistance, making them extremely weather resistant. We offer five different sizes of tents, to make sure you get the most adequate work tents, on the basis of your crew size and how much space you have to erect them.