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Why Reel Trailers Are Essential to Success

May 28, 2019

The proper laying of cables greatly affects the performance of underground cable networks. Having a good reel trailer on-site can provide much needed help by making sure the cables are secured and installed properly in an efficient way.


Without a reel trailer, not only will underground installation operations have work of a lower quality, it will be more unsafe in general and could jeopardize workers.



Here are some benefits of reel trailers, which goes to show why they are essential for high quality underground installations:



1. Handles Both Light and Heavy Loads Effectively

AMAC Equipment’s Wheeler Reeler™ hydraulic reel trailers have payload ratings from 3, 500 lbs. to 8,500 lbs. Most models can also handle a large majority of the spools that are common in today’s installation operations.


2. Time Efficient

The use of a reel trailer may help cut the time for the laying and pulling of cables in half. Once the cable reel is mounted securely, everything during the cable laying process – from unwinding the cable reels to pulling and laying the cables can take place without hassle. Furthermore, you can rest assured that the cables are safe and protected during the whole process. 


3. Customized Features

Our Wheeler Reeler trailers allow you to customize features like chock blocks, mud flaps, rear stabilizers, and more. 


Indeed, cable laying is much easier with an efficient reel trailer. The right reel trailer protects, lays and pulls the cable faster, and can be customized according to your preference.



The Wheeler Reeler™ reel trailers are versatile and easy to use, having all of the following features:



  • Manual Hydraulics
  • Easy, one person operation
  • Simple layout and design offers ease of maintenance
  • Versatility in size of spool
  • Designed with a low centre of gravity
  • Telescoping loading mechanism
  • Hoses & wiring protected within frame
  • Safety engineered


Contact AMAC Equipment today to learn about how our reel trailers can better your underground cable installation operations.