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Why Engineered Work Tents Are Better Than Traditional Tents

October 21, 2022

A worksite poses several threats and dangers to workers and supervisors. While hard hats and safety boots are popular practices in worksites across the world, the use of ground tents is also becoming increasingly common. Federal and local safety codes also demand that construction and work sites have amenities like ground tents for the sake of the workers. There are many benefits of using work tents. We list in this blog the benefits of ground tents and the difference between engineered tents and traditional tents. 

Benefits of Ground Tents

Perfect for protecting equipment
It is a well-known fact that construction and work sites have a wide range of tools and equipment used by workers. Whether it is overhead cable pulling, underground cable pulling, or the construction of a building, the use of sophisticated tools and equipment cannot be ignored for these works. Ground tents are extremely useful to protect equipment from harsh elements. The quality of the tools and equipment can be significantly affected if they are exposed to harsh weather conditions like heavy rain or snow. 

Makeshift rest area and office
Outdoor work is by no means an easy task. Be it construction workers or utility-supply infrastructure workers, their need for a makeshift rest area at the work site cannot be underestimated. Ground tents are perfect for workers to have lunch in while staying safe from the scorching sun or giving their legs some rest after constantly standing for hours. 

The difference between engineered tents and traditional tents
One of the significant differences between both is that an engineered tent is sturdier. Made using top-quality fibreglass and nylon materials. The frames of engineered ground tents are lightweight, making them portable. Workers can even set up the ground tents relatively quickly as compared to traditional tents which require a lot of effort. Traditional tents are not water-repellant. The urethane coating on engineered tents makes them water-resistant.

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