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Why Cable Pulling Grips Are a Necessity

September 03, 2019

The relocation of a cable from one area to another is a prospect every lineworker or cable installer must undergo at some point.

Cable pulling is necessary for a host of situations. This includes wire or cable pulling through conduit or aerial installation for transmission lines.

It is of utmost importance that any potential damage that may occur to a cable during this process be alleviated. This is where a cable pulling grip comes into practice.


Practicality of a Pulling Grip


While pulling grips can be fashioned for a host of functions, it is best served for securing a hold for a wire or cable that is undergoing removal or installation procedures, either in conduit or overhead utility lines.


A cable pulling grip allows contractors to carry out these procedures under the security that cable snagging, abrasion, and damage will be mitigated; grips are typically fabricated from various types of steel, such as a galvanised steel mesh.  


The reusability and availability in a number of cable diameters make cable pulling grips invaluable in industrial environments when pulling electric cables, due to the nature of their abrasive environment.


Right Grip for the Job


Tailoring the type of grip for your specific application and process is critical for ensuring your pulling not be interrupted. Let us highlight two of the most common types of cable pulling grip:


1. Wire-Mesh Grips

Gripping of the cable occurs at numerous points along the cable, making wire-mesh grips dependable in their capabilities. This dependability is important for cable pulling that takes place out of sight, such as underground pulling - minimising the risk of downtime.


2. Set-Screw Grips

Unlike the multitude of grips locations that a wire-mesh grip provides, set-screw grips utilise two or more opposing screws for mechanical locking onto a cable. This characteristic mechanism allows for a large degree of flexibility in the size of cable that can be pulled, and is especially pertinent for pulling heavy copper cables.



Finding the Right Products and Services


For more than half a century, AMAC Equipment has been at the forefront of customer satisfaction surrounding aerial or underground cable installation products and services.


Our uncompromising dedication to quality has allowed us the privilege of having our clientele, across various industries, ensure their cable installation projects finish in success. Get in touch with one of our experts for a consultation.