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Why Cable Lubricant is Essential for Cable Repair

February 04, 2019

At AMAC Equipment, we specialize in cable laying and repairing. We have expert technicians available to provide you with high-end services across the Greater Toronto Area. We have many decades of experience in the industry.


In this blog, we will discuss the process of repairing cable lashers, and the importance of cable lubricant in this process.


What Is the Process of Repairing Cable Lashers?

We provide you with efficient cable lasher repairs in the GTA. Our philosophy is founded on customer service. We provide the fast service teams that deliver quick and efficient repairs. While traditional cable lasher repairs often take a long time, we consistently work to reduce delayswe won't keep you waiting.


Cable lashers require regular maintenance checks and repairs. We perform all our tasks with the highest level of professionalism. Our equipment is efficient and effective for a fast turnaround whatever your needs are.


Here are the components of the repair process.


  • Complete Inspection of Parts – This is the initial step. This step determines the state of all components that may be involved in the repair process. 
  • Parts Repairs – This is useful for components of the machine that are salvageable. Our experienced team of technicians would handle all types of repairs that your equipment needs.
  • Parts Replacement – This is the required step for parts that are discovered to be damaged or worn-out in the inspection process. If they cannot be repaired, they will be replaced. This includes applying cable lubricant to prevent damage and allow the equipment to run smoothly. Cable lubricants minimize friction and stress as cable is pulled through a conduit. This allows the cable to move safely and efficiently. 
  • Post-repair Testing – This is done in order to make sure that your cable lashers have regained their usual 100% operations efficiency.


Some Final Reminders

For the past decades, our equipment is a leader when it comes to aerial and underground cable installation and operations. We offer you the best equipment and services in this area. This includes a range of cable lubricants, cleaners, adhesives, and special products. We are proud of our company's efficiency and customer satisfaction. If you think we can help you in your project in any way, do not hesitate to contact us today.