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What Makes Flat Braid Polyester Pull Tape Different?

October 01, 2020

Polyester pull tapes are designed for different heavy-duty residential and commercial applications including conduit line, fibre optic, pulling lines, dielectric and sub lines. They minimize damage to underground plants, reduce cable installation labour and material costs whilst also improving efficiency and enhancing worker safety. 

Read more to learn the many features and benefits of flat braid polyester pull tapes: 

High tenacity 

Polyester pull tapes are made of high tenacity polyester yarn making them non-rotational and torque-free -- this also gives the tape excellent abrasion resistance. 

Tough and resistant

Polyester tapes are resistant to UV, chemicals, oil, gas, moisture, weather and tear. They are also designed to withstand extreme temperatures. 

Lightweight and easy to handle

Polyester tapes are so thin, light and manageable which makes it easy to blow through conduit and inner duct without hassle. 

No need for measuring tapes

Pull tapes have accurate sequential footage markings so you can monitor the cable location during a pull, eliminating the need for measuring tapes. It will also help you determine the quantity of tape remaining on the spool. 

Avoid snap back

A “snapback”occurs when a rope under high tension elongates which then breaks or snaps back. The low stretch polyester material of polyester tape distributes heat through its wide flat profile. This prevents snap back and improves efficiency.

Lubrication reduces friction

Pre-lubricated tapes reduce the likelihood of friction and eliminate duct cutting. AMAC Equipment Limited is a provider of parts and services for cable installation applications. We offer a wide variety of hand tools, lubricants, cleaners, truck-mounted equipment, hydraulic cable cutters, and more.

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