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What It Means to Be the Best Utility Supply Company

March 16, 2020

Any cable installation or utility company worth their salt knows that having a reliable utility supply partner makes all the difference in one’s everyday operations. Becoming the top utility supply company is no simple feat – a company needs to not only provide the best products and hardware around, they will need to integrate top-notch services and training into this as well to set themselves apart from the competition. At AMAC Equipment, we have been refining our business since the 1960’s to make sure we continually meet the changing demands of the industry.


One of the ways we have risen to the challenge is by consistently updating our catalog of products to reflect new technologies and niches.


Furthermore, our staff undergo frequent training to make sure they keep up with these new products and are able to pass down their knowledge to customers. At AMAC, it is easy for you to find the right product fit. We tackle every area of utility products, from aerial and underground equipment to miscellaneous items such as cleaners and lubricants.


Here are more examples of the products we carry:


1. Cable Equipment

We supply both aerial and underground cable equipment. Both of these kinds of operations are risky, requiring expertly trained contractors and dependable equipment. A single mistake or equipment malfunction can be costly and even dangerous. It is pivotal for you to only use equipment that you trust. Some of the equipment we carry in this category include single roller cable blocks, pole mount cable blocks, swivels, pulling grips, duct rodders, cable pullers, and more.


2. Safety Products

Contractors often work in environments where they are exposed to the elements, or other mishaps such as falling debris, potholes, etc. This is why safety equipment is one of the products that utility supply companies must absolutely provide. From work tents to safety boots and other clothing, we make sure to only supply the best-rated products in the industry to protect your workers.


3. Vehicles

Our product line is incredibly diverse – not only do we carry staples in cable equipment, we also go one step further and provide vehicles such as cable pulling trailers and trucks. We have single reel and multiple reel trailers, pullers that work with fiber optic cables, slip clutch capstans, and more, guaranteeing that you will be able to find exactly what you need within our catalog of products.


We are proud to be able to offer top-notch utility supply to our clients all over Canada. AMAC Equipment is committed to continue growing our product base and services so that we can serve you better. Check out our website to view our products!