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What Is a Hydraulic Cable Cutter And How To Use It Safely

April 23, 2020

When it comes to cable installation, a cable cutter is a must-have tool. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and capacities to take on different types of jobs involving any kind of cables. Manufacturers of cable cutters aim to provide unique designs, unbeatable strength, and unmatched versatility for the tool. A great option among the various types of this tool is a hydraulic cable cutter, which is capable of cutting thick cables if used properly. The tool utilizes hydraulic pressure to create the desired cut when installing cable lines, overhead conductors, and other wire mesh cables. 


The cutting tool head of a hydraulic cable cutter comes in different styles that can even cut steel rods. They include scissor-type, ratchet-type, guillotine head, and more. However, no matter what type of material to be cut, it is critical to exercise high caution when using this tool to prevent any unwanted injuries.



Here are some useful tips on how to safely work with cable cutters:


1. Always ensure that the tool is in top condition, is functioning properly, and does not have any damage whatsoever.


2. Choose the right cable cutter for the job as each cutter is designed for a specific material.


3. It is advised to wear protective gear such as safety glasses and gloves when using the cutting tool to avoid injuries.


4. When you are using the cutter frequently or on a daily basis, it helps to lubricate the moving parts to prolong its life.


5. Ensure that the surrounding work area is free of people, in case of flying metal pieces during the operation.


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