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Warning signs to replace your reel trailer

February 18, 2020

A reel trailer will invariably come to play an important role during underground cable installations. Their tenacity in unrolling tens of thousands of pounds of heavy cable is invaluable for contractors or companies dealing with projects of this nature.

Installation companies come to expect these trailers to go on and serve them for well over two decades. Nonetheless, they are not without fault; should you bear witness to these signs in your machinery then it is in your best interest to consider repairs or outright replacement, depending on the severity.


Hydraulics no longer up to par

Manual hydraulic mechanisms incorporated within reel trailers allow operators to adjust the speed of the cable reeling process; state-of-the-art trailers allow for consistent speeds with minimal movements and adjustment.


This being said, in the event that your manual hydraulic controls fail to function properly, despite careful daily maintenance and adjustments, then the recommended course of action is to replace your machine soon. For those that remain wary of their situation, professional technicians from suppliers such as AMAC Equipment can inspect your units to advise the best course of action.


Spring mechanisms not holding in place

As is the case with a host of engineered equipment, these trailers operate at their full potential when stability requirements are met. Its spring mechanisms function to make it stand effectively while it reels thousands of pounds of cable material from the ground. If these mechanisms fail to function in spite of inspections and maintenance then a replacement is advised.


Cannot adequately manipulate reel speed

Should your manual hydraulics be functioning correctly but your reel isn't responding to speed changes then it's possible the reel threads have been lost. While a replacement thread is possible, it might cost more than half or even just as much as a new unit. Ultimately, it's better to find a reliable supplier to purchase a new unit than repair your trailer at the same cost.


A reel trailer that lives up to your demands

We at AMAC Equipment adhere to the highest standards for all the electrical and cable installation units we supply for our long-time and new clients. What’s more, we provide on-site demonstrations and training in using our equipment. Contact us and learn more about what we can do for you!