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Utility Supply Vendor Focus: Polywater

July 19, 2021

For decades, AMAC Equipment has been serving Canadian businesses as the best utility supply company in the country, thanks in part to strong partnerships with renowned manufacturers. One of those manufacturers is Polywater, an American company specializing in pulling lubricants, sealants, and other quality chemical products for the electrical and communications construction and maintenance industry.


AMAC’s strong manufacturing partners help us provide the best utility supply services to our clients.


About Polywater

Polywater boasts decades of experience in the industry, with twenty different formulations of pulling lubricants for every type of wire and cable. Thanks to AMAC, these top-of-the-line products are available to Canadian businesses as well. Here are some of the products supplied by Polywater:


  • Cable cleaners
  • Contact cleaners
  • Fiberglass wax and buffing kits
  • Penetrating oils
  • Duct sealants
  • All kinds of lubricants, and more.


About the Polywater AFT Spray Foam Sealant



One of the key Polywater products sold is the AFT Spray Foam Sealant. It is used to seal conduits, ducts, the top of riser poles, and service entrances. It can work with conduits of all types, providing faster and better sealing performance in an easy-to-use format. It is a two-part aerosol foam which can expand to fill any void of any size. The spray package comes with different kinds of actuators, making it easy for you to use in any kind of duct. Some of the benefits of this product include:


  • No need for humidity for curing
  • Consistent cure strength
  • Holds 10 feet on continuous water head pressure
  • Application time of two minutes or less
  • Easily removable if needed
  • Resistant to weather elements and thus more durable
  • Has a Class HBF fire retardant rating


It is incredibly easy to use—you only need to shake the can for 60 seconds to make sure the solution is well-mixed. Then, lift the hinge and insert the actuator nozzle of your choice into the opening of the can so that the arrow lines up with the nozzle. Invert the can and insert its now-attached nozzle into the seal space. Fully squeeze the hinge to release the product into the conduit. This whole process should not take longer than two minutes.


As a utility supply company, AMAC Equipment is incredibly mindful that we work only with the best manufacturers in the industry. To learn more about our products, contact us today.