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Utility Supply and More at AMAC Equipment

July 11, 2017

When looking for the finest selection of accessories for cable laying and utility maintenance jobs, you need to have the right brand in mind. AMAC, a renowned name in the utility supply and cable installation business, brings you a collection of the top brands to your doorstep. Our family-owned business specializes in the provision of an assortment of utility consumables and their accessories.


Wide Range of Utility Supply and Cabling Equipment

We keep a range of equipment in stock including:


Stringing and Tensioning Tools

Achieving optimal tension levels is critical in defining how well an operation runs. It might be the logistical process you’re planning, or the next long experience in mind. You need to have the right tensioning tools in place, and AMAC is the place where you’ll get them all under a single roof.


Electrical Accessories

At AMAC equipment, we stock many top brands of electrical accessories. Whether they be tangent dead-end guying accessories, overhead sheaves, cable handlers, pole brackets or electronic meters, we’re your complete utility supply solution.


Protective Gear and Work Area Apparel

Besides having a variety of top-notch accessories in stock, we pride ourselves on having a collection of personal and work area protective gear. Over the years, we’ve diversified our product range to suit the needs of industrial consumers, both locally and abroad. Because of this, your utility supply order will always be in safe hands when you deal with AMAC Equipment Limited.


Cable Installation Equipment

Whether laying compressor pipes or other forms of cabling, you need to have the best-in-class facilities in place. AMAC is home to the latest trailer, truck and underground cable handling facilities. We pride ourselves on being the leading utility supply company with a distinguished service commitment in Canada and greater North America.