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Using the Right Cable Installation Tools

June 11, 2018

In the last few decades, huge networks of cable and wiring have supplied vital power and communication services to ever growing needs globally. As line installers fervently install and repair lines, the demand for quick and cost effective services have become very common. Efficiency is best achieved using the right cable installation tools like reel trailers, line pullers, duct rodders and cable lubricant.


Without essential tools like cable lubricant, installing cables can be very difficult or even impossible.


They are essential both to install and repair cable lines and can save lots of time and energy. They facilitate reliable, precise and efficient installation that requires few or no rework.


Cable installation tools, like fiber blowers, pole line hardware or industrial grade cable lubricant come in a very wide array to meet many commercial and industrial applications. For instance, using the correct termination tools or punch-down tools can improve productivity by installing Cat5 jacks up to eight times faster than doing it manually. This particular tool used to terminate telecom cables is available in three types: manual, impact and multi-wire. Other major cable installation tools are the professional scissors which are crucial for a clean, fast, and safe cut. Special cutters are designed with handles that leverage the cutting power and tails that reduces hand fatigue. In addition, a cable stripper that comes with an adjustable gauge is needed for any cabling job. A high quality kind ensures easy and quick removal of outer insulation from all twisted cable pair, shielded or unshielded, and multi-core cables.


Using alternative but generic tools such as a pocket knife or ordinary scissors can strip more sheath than necessary which can damage the cable itself. Other essential cable installation tools include cable splicing knives, crimpling pliers, voltage detectors for protection, modular crimpers for landline plugs, probe pics for checking loose or damaged connections, and can wrenches for accessing telephone box and pedestals.

With the absence of these tools, installing and repairing cables can be a real frustration. We are fully aware of the importance of reliable installation gear and cable lubricant to work quickly and efficiently. We provide an extensive stock of cable installation tools made with high quality materials to enable accurate bends and efficient underground and overhead installations.

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