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Using Aerial Equipment in Poor Weather Conditions

June 04, 2021

When it comes to working with aerial equipment, safety considerations differ depending on the season. Wind, rain, and the state of the ground call for various tips to be kept in mind during a particular installation. Surrounding wind speed hazards, the greatest permissible speed for working at heights on a platform is right around 45 km/h. This roughly translates to wind force six. To read more about the permissible wind speed linked with an aerial work platform, the machine’s operating manual will provide details. In the event of this maximum force being reached, using tools on a platform must be terminated or temporarily stopped.


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Windy day safety tips


It is extremely important to be aware that wind speed increases with height and can be 50% greater at a spot 20 metres above ground level. Furthermore, items like signboards and banners should not be hung on a platform, as they can seriously affect the machine’s stability. Using a reliable anemometer or the Beaufort scale is also a best practice, and overall, operators should take the side of caution to avoid risks.


Rainy day safety tips


Concerning wet ground hazards, the moisture a period of rain brings can cause the ground to become soaked. This results in the risk of wheels and supports moving or sinking. Thus, it is recommended to always use large ramps for instance. Working with tools on a large ramp is advisable because the weight of the platform is distributed over an increased surface area.


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