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Understanding the Differences Between Single and Multiple Reel Trailers

August 02, 2019

Every cable installation operation has to have a reel trailer on site. A trailer can drastically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your cable laying, as well as make the operations safer all around. It is also a great tool to keep your cables when you are moving from job site to job site.


Despite its name, it is not a vehicle to transport persons. A reel trailer looks more like a spindle that has cable wrapped around it. They are wheeled, so that it is easier to move them around. They are to be hitched onto a vehicle and transported around this way, which is where the name trailer comes from.


A reel trailer has two functions: helping in the process of cable removal, or in the process of cable laying.


During such operations, kilometers upon kilometers of cable have to be used. Instead of laying them on the floor in a mess, allowing to get tangled or damaged, contractors use reel trailer where the entire of the cable is spun into the reel.


There are two main types of reel trailers, the single reel and the multiple reel trailers. Here are some things to keep in mind about them:


Single Reel Trailers: With only one reel and a lower set up, these reel trailers have a low center of gravity and are ideal for operations that are simpler in nature and in which safety is paramount. One of the benefits of single reel trailers is how easy they are to maintain.


Multiple Reel Trailers: These are considered more heavy duty, including an array of features making it more suited for complex operations including electric brakes, an electric junction box, a breakaway kit, a rear stabilizer, and more. Like the single reel trailer, they are also engineered for safety. Due to its wider range of capabilities, multiple reel trailers are ideal for operations in which there are multiple lines of cable to be pulled or laid.


Reel trailers can come in varying sizes, in order to accommodate different sizes and lengths of cables. It is very important that when you specify a reel trailer for your operations you take into account the trailer’s capacity, safety standards, and all the other accessories or features that come with it.


At AMAC Equipment, we specialize in supplying cable installation equipment, including reel trailers. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the products we offer, and how you can get your own reel trailer for your cable installation operations!