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Understanding Reel Trailers

August 25, 2017

A reel trailer is used for a multitude of applications by power utility companies and utility contractors. In cable installation, it is used in transporting and paying out cables. The reel trailer allows for easy access to other equipment in the field. It is made from durable, non-rusting material such as galvanized steel, bronze, and aluminum. Reel trailers can be customized to meet specific demands. These trailers can be single reel or multi-reel, lightweight or heavy, for heavy equipment such as poles.

Depending on the specifications, reel trailers may be fitted with safety chains, swivel jacks, and spindle bars. They may also have tension brakes, hydraulic self-loading units, rotating turrets, utility decks and pole carriers. They are available in various frame configurations and are more readily available and accessible when repairs are quickly required. Smaller reels are designed for tight spaces and tough edges. Multi reel trailers allow for adjustments, thus driving productivity levels higher.

The reel trailer is not meant for riders or passengers. 

Reel trailers should not be used to transport people to the site. Every trailer has its load capacity. Therefore, ensure that the reel trailer you are using can handle the load you intend for it. Otherwise, the trailer could malfunction during operation thereby derailing the project and require frequent repairs or replacements which are expensive in the long run.

From time to time, however, even a well-maintained reel trailer may require repairs. When this happens, be sure to use genuine factory spare parts. Make sure that to check the wearing of the tires frequently so as to avoid malfunctions.

Cable installers do not need to search far and wide to have access to and acquire reel trailers for their applications. At AMAC Equipment, we stock quality and durable reel trailers and their accessories for whichever cabling applications you are involved in.