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Types of Utility Supply Tools From AMAC Equipment

November 15, 2023
Types of utility supply tools from AMAC Equipment Limited in Richmond Hill, ON

A stable utility distribution network is crucial to a country's economy and the masses. Without a sound utility distribution infrastructure cities will plunge into darkness. Industries and the service sector will come to a standstill, wreaking havoc on the economy. Overhead and underground cables are inextricable elements of utility distribution. Cables are used to supply electricity and fiber optic internet. Contractors in the utility distribution industry work round the clock to maintain existing utility supply infrastructure and set up new ones. To do this, they rely on sophisticated utility supply tools and equipment. In this blog, we list the types of utility distribution tools supplied by AMAC Equipment Limited. 


Different Types of Utility Supply Tools

Utility distribution tools and equipment supplied by AMAC Equipment can be categorized into different segments. We list below different types of utility supply tools supplied by us.


Aerial Equipment

The name says it all. Aerial equipment is used for tasks that require working at heights. Power lines and telephone poles need to be constantly serviced to ensure seamless connectivity. There is great risk involved when working at such heights. Our wide range of aerial equipment ensures that workers can get their work done quickly and with confidence even in risky conditions. Cable benders, pole brackets, overhead sheaves, and lay-up sticks are all part of our aerial equipment inventory. 


Stringing & Tensioning

Strinign and tensioning are crucial elements of power cable installation. Stringing involves the installation of conductors into transmission lines. It requires access to top-quality tools and equipment like hydraulic pullers and single conductor blocks. Tensioning tools help maintain proper tension during the stringing process to ensure the cables are securely installed. Tensioners allow for precise control over cable tension while pullers assist in pulling heavy cables through conduits or trenches.


Grounding & Bonding 

 Grounding and bounding are crucial for the successful installation of power cable lines. Without proper grounding and bonding buildings will not be supplied electricity properly and safely. Grounding and bonding tools from AMAC Equipment Limited prevent flash fires and ensure an electrically conductive path for earth ground as well as dispensing and receiving containers. Live line jumpers, single-phase clusters, three-phase clusters, and underground elbow grounds are some grounding and bonding tools we supply. 


AMAC Equipment Limited is a one-stop destination for all your utility supply tool and equipment needs. Our extensive collection of tools features products from dependable brands. We supply industrial-grade aerial equipment, stringing & tensioning tools, as well as, grounding & bonding tools to clients across Canada. Call us today to get a free quote.