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Types Of Cable Pulling Grips And How To Maintain Them

December 15, 2021

Cable pulling grips are vital for successfully installing overhead and underground cables. Without the help of good quality pulling grips, it will be impossible to maintain the proper tension of the line. In addition, contractors face the difficult job of pulling cables from one point to another without breaking or damaging them. This makes keeping the pulling grips in top-notch condition at all times important. Over time, due to wear and tear, different types of grips can be damaged if not properly maintained. 

Types of cable pulling grips

Pulling grips for cables are generally made using stainless steel and galvanized steel. Following are some of the commonly used grips by contractors for pulling overhead and underground cables.

  • Set-screw pulling grip - In this type, a set of screws provides effective locking on cables. The screws are located in opposite directions to ensure better locking. Contractors can use set-screw grips to pull heavy-duty wires without any hesitations. This is also the best type when it comes to hauling cables at a long distance.
  • Wire-mesh pulling grip - This is one of the most reliable pulling grips used by contractors. Mechanical gripping offered by this pulling grip makes it ideal for heavy-duty projects. Single-weave and multi-weave are two of the major types of wire-mesh pulling grips.

Maintenance tips for set-screw and wire-mesh pulling grips


  • Check for corrosion in screws and the pulling-eye. Use proper lubricants to prevent damage or deterioration of the pulling grip. 
  • Always store equipment in a dry and safe place to ensure its long life. 
  • A damaged or weakened pulling grip could lead to fatal incidents at the worksite. Use degreasers for cleaning before each use to ensure safety by clearing the pulling grips of debris that could prevent its functioning.
  • Never try to repair grips on your own. Grips that are bent, misaligned or distorted in any way should be instantly replaced.

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