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Two Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Reel Trailer

December 03, 2018

When it comes to cable or power installations, a reel trailer can help boost efficiency and productivity so workers can get things done more quickly. However, this is all dependent on the quality of the equipment used. Choosing the right equipment for your installation job is vital since making the wrong choice in product can result in a loss of potential.


When you’re looking for a top-quality reel trailer for your cable pulling job, it’s important to consider a couple of things before making your purchase.


If the cable reel trailer is properly sized and used, the cost of ownership would be very minimal. Most of these trailers last for at least ten to twenty years depending on how well it was properly maintained. Thus, it pays to take careful consideration when finding the right trailer to buy. Otherwise, you might spend a hefty sum of money on the wrong unit for your application.


Here are two common mistakes to look out for when choosing a reel trailer for your cable installation job:


Using The Incorrect Reel Size

This is perhaps the most common problem when choosing a reel trailer. Different trailers are designed to haul different reel sizes and a unit that is designed to haul a 60-inch wide reel may not be suitable for a 48-inch wide reel of the same weight. The weight of a wider reel is distributed closer to the carrier while a narrower reel centers its weight more to the center. This is why it's crucial to determine the reel size to be hauled when selecting the right trailer for the job.


Choosing A Trailer That’s Not Intended To Use On Highways

Purchasing a reel trailer that is not built to haul reels on a highway is another common mistake. Some aren’t even aware that the trailer they purchased is not applicable for hauling reels. So, it’s important to consider where you’ll be hauling the trailer and to ensure that the one you choose suits all of your needs.


At AMAC Equipment, we offer a selection of high-end reel trailers for your cable pulling and installing needs. We’ll help you find the right trailer for your job, along with a whole selection of various equipment and tools you need for your application.