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Top-Notch Aerial Equipment From AMAC

October 16, 2023

The utility supply industry heavily relies on overhead cables. We are all familiar with tall poles, dotted across cities, with long lines of cables attached to them. These imposing poles are an inextricable part of the utility distribution network. Just because of the sheer height, working on these poles becomes a mighty challenge for the workers. As a contractor, ensuring the safety of your workers is paramount. You want your workers to use only top-notch aerial equipment while working in risky conditions. We list in this blog some of the most popular and top-notch aerial equipment from AMAC Equipment Limited.

Highly Sought-After Aerial Equipment from AMAC

Standard Cable Benders
Cable benders from AMAC Equipment are effective in providing mechanical wrenching action to form expansion loops. The four nylon shoes help in providing cable support and guarantee minimal stress. The sturdy and strong build of these cable benders ensures long life and maximum safety. The quality of steel as well as rack and gear hardening ensures that the cable bender performs consistently.

Set-up Brackets
Set-up brackets from AMAC Equipment are versatile, to say the least. They are the perfect solution for creating a mid-span mount for a 45-degree corner block. Don't have a pole nearby to pull cables? Don't worry. All you need is a set-up bracket. The bracket can be secured with a strand clamp and tightening knob. Made of high-quality steel, you can be assured of the bracket's quality.

Multi-Roller Overhead Cable
Pulling cable in a straight line is a challenging task. The multi-roller overhead cable guides from AMAC Equipment are perfect to guide and straighten cables as they are put into a lashing position. This piece of equipment has three sheaves that guide cables without damaging them. The high-quality roller ensures that the cable is not damaged as it rides along the strand.


AMAC Equipment Limited is a leading supplier of aerial equipment and other utility supply tools to clients across Canada. We put customer satisfaction above everything else. To ensure quality and consistency, we only sell branded products. Unbeatable price, quality, and customer service make us a brand you can trust. Call us today to place an order.