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Tips For Using Pull Tape Efficiently

June 08, 2023

Also known as mule tape, pull tape, as the name suggests, is used for pulling cables through underground conduits. Contractors responsible for setting and maintenance of underground cable infrastructure make extensive use of mule tapes owing to the many benefits it offers. Pulling an underground cable through conduits is by no means an easy task. Without mule tapes, contractors will struggle to pull cables through conduits without damaging or breaking the said cables. Made usually of polyester and possessing a ribbon-like shape, mule tapes help disperse the pull load, thus significantly reducing friction inside the conduits at the time of cable pulling. Using mule tapes correctly offers numerous benefits. We list in this blog easy tips for using pull tapes efficiently.


How To Use Pull Tape Efficiently?


  • Ensuring that the mule tape is securely attached to the cable or wire before pulling it through the conduit might sound like a no-brainer. However, it is one of the most overlooked aspects at the time of cable-pulling. Make sure that the mule tape is secured to the cable effectively. It's best to tie a knot at the end of the tape for added security.
  • Conduits can be of varying diameters. Pulling cables through narrow conduits is difficult as it is and it can be made worse if there are any knots in the cable. Ensure that there are no knots or tangles in the cable or wire before attaching it to the pull tape. This will prevent any obstructions while pulling it through.


  • Ensure appropriate tension on the mule tape during the cable-pulling process. Too much or too less of tension can be a cause of concern and slow down the entire process. Too much tension might lead to breakage while too much slack can cause tangling and looping. ‚Äč


  • Sourcing mule tapes from trusted suppliers with a proven track record is one of the most important tips to follow. Sourcing spurious mule tapes can lead to untoward incidents at the work site, leading to loss of time and money. AMAC Equipment Limited is a leading supplier of utility supply tools and cable-pulling equipment. With decades of experience and an extensive collection of products, we have established a name for ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of utility supply tools and equipment.



By following these simple tips, you can maximize productivity while working with mule tapes. Remember to always choose the right type of tape for your project and use lubricant if necessary. You can get in touch with our experts at AMAC Equipment Limited if you need help choosing the right pull tape for your next cable installation project. Our experienced staff will give you the right guidance and ensure that your next cable installation project is a success. Contact us today to learn about everything we can do for you.