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Tips For Maintaining Hydraulic Cable Cutters

January 05, 2022

Aerial and underground cables are the backbone of utility supplying infrastructure. Without an extensive connection of aerial and underground cables, proper utility supply for households and businesses in a city could be challenging. Therefore, using dependable tools and equipment is essential for any technician dealing with wires and cables in any capacity. 


A hydraulic cable cutter is one of the most important tools for the contractors responsible for installing and maintaining aerial and underground cables. Even electricians use this cutter to cut through thicker wires and cables with relative ease.



With the help of a well-maintained cutter, electricians and technicians can do their job more efficiently




While buying a hydraulic cable cutter, it is imperative to avoid the ones manufactured by unrecognized brands. It is cost-effective in the long run to invest in a cable cutter of exceptional quality. To ensure the long life of these cable cutters, it is equally important to pay heed to their maintenance. Following are some tips for maintaining a hydraulic cable cutter.


  • Use recommended lubricant: Most often than not, the brand that sells hydraulic cutters also has a range of lubricants that enhance the performance of its equipment. You should use such oils and lubricants regularly rather than generic ones to ensure the long life of these cutters.
  • Maintain accurate pressure: It is crucial to maintain the correct pressure to ensure the long life of hydraulic cable cutting equipment. However, the air bubbles inside the hydraulic circuit can cause hindrances in maintaining the required pressure. Getting rid of air bubbles is thus vital for maintaining accurate pressure.
  • Change oil from time to time: Hydraulic cutters use oils to work effectively. It is essential to change or refill these oils from time to time to prevent the deterioration of the cutter's performance.


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