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The Versatility of a Hydraulic Cable Cutter

November 28, 2018

If you’ve been involved in the power utility or electrical industry, you’re most likely familiar with hydraulic cutting tools, including a hydraulic cable cutter. They’re widely used for cutting aluminum or copper power cables, as well as the overhead conductors for either distribution or transmission lines.


For all of your cable cutting needs, a hydraulic cable cutter is an essential tool that we offer here at AMAC Equipment!


A hydraulic cable cutter can be used for small overhead conductors to large underground power cables. This tool is even utilized for other industrial cutting applications. It comes in different models such as a battery hydraulic cutter, a manual hydraulic cutter, and even a remote hydraulic head cutter.


The tool heads of a hydraulic cable cutter also vary. This includes a guillotine head, scissor type, and ratchet-type head. While these tools are specially designed to cut cables and wires, select types can be used to cut even rebar. Regardless of the material being cut, it is always important to exercise extra caution when using the tool.


 Here are some helpful safety precautions when dealing with a hydraulic cable cutter:


  • Use the right cutter for the task. Cutters are specifically designed for certain size and type of material to be cut.
  • When operating the cutter, make sure you wear protective gloves and safety glasses to prevent injuries.
  • Always ensure that your cutting tool is in good condition and is not damaged.
  • If the hydraulic cable cutter is used heavily on a daily basis, it’s important to lubricate it properly – particularly the moving parts.
  • When there’s a possibility of flying metal pieces during cutting, warn the people in the area about it so that they can take the necessary precautions.


Since cable cutters are designed to cut cables, they play a significant role in cable installations and many other uses in the industry. AMAC Equipment supplies a vast selection of tools, equipment, and parts for cable applications, including pole line hardware, cleaners, lubricants, and aerial cable equipment – among others!