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The Role of a Reel Trailer in Cable Installations

October 15, 2018

A reel trailer shares a similar resemblance to a spindle that has cable wrapped around it. Reel trailers have wheels and a hitch that are usually attached to a large vehicle so the reel can be easily transported and moved around. These trailers serve two functions: for laying new cable or moving old cable from the ground. Our reel trailers vary in sizes because they need to accommodate different sizes spools of cable, despite that, they all share similar design. Most trailers have controls and onboard batteries to let cables loose or to reel it up.


At AMAC Equipment, our reel trailer is durable, reliable, and ideal for transporting cables to job sites!


Reel trailers are useful in the cable installation industry as they make the process easy to move cables to different locations. It is necessary to use a reel trailer when kilometers of cable are being laid out. Our trailers at AMAC Equipment are designed and built to tackle the weight and stress of large lengths of cable. They can efficiently pull cable, ensuring that each project where they are used is a successful one.


Our wide range of reel trailers and accessories include the following:


  • Single Reel Trailers: These trailers are designed with a low center of gravity and are safety engineered. They are manual hydraulics, versatile in handling any size of spool, and requires very simple maintenance. Our single reel trailers are easy to operate and come in varied capacities: 4500lbs, 6000lbs, and 8500lbs. They all have telescoping loading mechanisms, while the hoses and wiring are protected within frame.
  • Multiple Reel Trailers: The standard features of these heavy duty trailers include electric brakes, an electric junction box, breakaway kit, drop leg jack, rear stabilizer, and safety chains. They all have DOT compliance stickers to ensure their safety. These trailers are ideal for worksites that have additional cables to be laid or pulled.
  • Reel Trailers Hydraulic Power Rewind: This accessory can be mounted on all Wheeler Reeler models. It can rewind in either direction with very little spooling effort. It is a self-contained hydraulic unit that is easy to adjust to spool sizes and has variable speed control. It comes with a hydraulic power pack. 


At AMAC Equipment we are proud suppliers of cable installation equipment and products across Ontario. Our team of highly trained and skilled installation experts can guarantee you will be satisfied with our products and services. Call or email us to learn more!