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The Primary Purpose of Reel Trailers

November 24, 2020

If you are in the business of cable installations, then most likely you are familiar with a reel trailer. As the name implies, it has wheels with a hitch used to connect the reels into a huge vehicle that can be easily pulled around. They have two primary functions - to lay new cable and move the old one. They are available in various sizes and styles in order for them to move different sizes or spools of cable. However, they share similar working principles and are equipped with controls and batteries that power the trailer during cable installations.  


A reel trailer (RT) is very useful for cable installers by making the process of installing cables or wires fast and easy, allowing them to move the cable conveniently to various places.

It is needed when a long span of cables is being laid. Our reel trailers here at AMAC Equipment are created to excellently cope with the stress and heavy loads of large and long cables. They are all designed to take on any cable installation project successfully. Here is an overview of our two major types: 


Single RT: this utilizes manual hydraulics and is designed to handle any size of spool, yet is very low maintenance. It is safety-engineered, has a low centre of gravity making it easy to operate, and comes in varying capacities. All are equipped with a telescoping loading mechanism. 


Multiple RT: this one is heavy-duty, which includes a lot of features to safely carry and move large lengths of cables, including safety chains, electric brakes, rear stabilizer, and breakaway kits. 


Both of these trailers can be mounted with different accessories such as hydraulic power rewind and tension brake set. A power rewind is a self-contained unit that’s easy to adjust according to spool sizes and is equipped with variable speed control. The tension brake set provides tension as much as 500 pounds and has an adjustable rod, making it suitable for almost nearly reel trailer models.


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