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The Importance of Utility Supply Providers

March 24, 2021

During the past decade, the networks of cables and wires supplying essential power and communication services continue to rise steadily. As cable line installers diligently install and repair lines, the demand for high-quality and cost-effective utility supply has also grown. The efficiency of cable installation and repair service is usually achieved through the use of the right tools and equipment. Without them, installing cables and utility wires can be very challenging, dangerous, and even impossible. Their use is very economical and saves plenty of time. They also facilitate reliable, precise, and efficient installation processes.


Utility supply tools and equipment vary tremendously and come in a broad range of types and uses.


For example, using the right termination or punch-down tools can enhance productivity, such as through the use of Cat5 jacks. This particular tool used to terminate telecommunication cables is available in three types: manual, impact, and multi-wire. Other primary cable installation tools used by professionals are hydraulic cable cutters that are used to achieve quick and safe cuts. Special cutters are designed with handles that leverage cutting power and tails that reduce hand fatigue.


There is also the cable stripper that comes with an adjustable gauge. This tool is needed for any cabling job. A high-quality cable stripper ensures easy and quick removal of outer insulation from all twisted cable pairs, shielded or unshielded, and multi-core cables. If alternative but generic tools are used for this task, such as a pocket knife or ordinary scissors, they can strip more sheath than necessary which can damage the cable itself.


Other essential utility supply tools include cable pulling grips, cable cutters, duct rodders, pull tapes, fibre blowers, reel trailers, crimping pliers, voltage detectors for protection, probe pics for checking loose or damaged connections, and more. With the absence of these tools, installing and repairing cables can be a real frustration. That is why we AMAC Equipment provides an extensive list of these tools to help you achieve a successful cable installation project. Contact us today to learn more about our products!