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The Importance of Maintaining Cable Equipment

August 28, 2019

Maintaining your cable equipment will lead to enhanced functional reliability in the long run. Proper inspection and providing routine maintenance checks on your equipment are ways in which you can mitigate the risk of hazards from occurring onsite, while also extending your equipment’s overall reliability and efficiency.  


Actively using products like cable lubricant, cleaners, and/or degreasers depending on equipment application can make all the difference.


The following are a few types of products you can use to properly maintain your cable equipment.


Cable Lubricant


Lubricant products effectively enhance the efficiency of your cable equipment by allowing for faster and smoother movement in even the roughest of external conditions.


With so many cable lubricant options to choose from, it might seem difficult to narrow it down to one product selection. When looking for a suitable lubricant, take into consideration the specificity of your application. You may need a lubricant product that can effectively meet the specificity of your application needs.




Build-up can affect the efficiency of your cable equipment. Opting for a suitable cleaner that is capable of removing cable gels, tar, or any other type of accumulated compound would serve to enhance cable equipment efficiency and reduce the potential for any breakages or downtime to occur due to accumulated compounds.




Solvent-based degreasers dissolve water-insoluble substances such as grease and oil and are primarily used for solvent-based cleaners that contain chemicals. Degreasers effectively target the accumulation of insoluble substances and can be specially formulated to meet the needs of more heavy-duty applications.



Looking to Purchase Quality Maintenance Products for Your Cable Equipment?


AMAC Equipment Limited offers the latest in quality cable cleaners, degreasers, and lubricants for your cable equipment applications. We specialize in both aerial and underground cable installation products and services, and are perfectly capable of assessing your needs and providing you with a suitable product. With a wide product selection to choose from, you can rest assured that we will have an option for you!