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The Importance of Investing In A Good Work Tent

November 07, 2017

Every work site needs to have a good shelter in order to protect valuable equipment and workers from the elements. In a network or cable operation, portable and easy to assemble work tents are important. This helps to boost overall employee morale and productivity, as they are given a comfortable space to take breaks.


The result is the completion of a project in a timely manner as well as an efficient and well-polished installation. Work tents also ensure that each piece of equipment is properly stored and protected which allows them to provide optimum performance when used.


Choosing a good work tent can be tricky. To keep it simple, these are the factors to consider when buying a good work tent:


Durable and Stable Frame - A work tent should have a stable and durable frame to withstand the elements, especially strong winds. With a durable frame, tents will also last longer. Pop-up work tents today also feature fiberglass frames, which makes them lightweight and more durable.

Urethane Coated Nylon Covers - Tents that have this feature are capable of enduring all-weather conditions. This provides better protection as well as shelter to equipment and workers. Urethane coated nylon covers also offer better water resistance, making them ideal for work tents.

Portable and Easy to Set Up - Work tents should also be lightweight and portable. They also have to be easy to set up so that workers spend less time building the work tent and more time on the job.


At AMAC Equipment, we carry Condux ground tents that are portable and freestanding. They feature fiberglass frames and urethane coated nylon covers to help shelter you from all elements. All five sizes include a window or vent with a closing flap, an exhaust port, and Velcro or zipper enclosures.  Click here to view exact specifications, and for more information, you can contact us directly!