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The Importance Of Hydraulic Cable Cutters For Contractors

March 23, 2022

Cable installations are a vital part of urban infrastructure. Overhead and underground cables are vital for so many purposes. Have you ever wondered how kilometres of cables installations are taken care of? Skilled and experienced contractors are responsible for the installation but also the maintenance of overhead and underground cables.


Cable installation and maintenance can be an intricate, time-consuming, and challenging task that requires utmost expertise. There is a wide range of modern equipment and tools to assist the contractors in this daunting task. 


Reel trailers, pole line hardware, aerial equipment, and cable pulling grips are all relied upon by contractors for overhead and underground cable pulling and maintenance. Hydraulic cable cutter is another tool that is an important addition to any contractor's toolbox.


Here's how hydraulic cable cutters are helpful


Cables used for utility supply are heavy-duty and difficult to cut. For installation of such cables across a city with many nooks and corners, they have to be cut and joint at different angles. 


This is where hydraulic cable cutters come into use. Designed specifically for the application of cable cutting, this hand-held cable cutter is effective and easy to use. Using hydraulic cutters is recommended to ensure minimal wastage and optimal productivity.


With a little bit of maintenance and care, hydraulic cutters can do their job for a very long time. All you have to do is use recommended lubricant from time to time, get rid of air bubbles inside the hydraulic circuit for maintaining accurate pressure and change the oils from time to time for best results.

Wearing protective glasses and gear is highly recommended while using these cutters to ensure maximum safety. You can count on us at AMAC Equipment for hydraulic cable cutters of top quality. We also supply top-of-the-line manhole equipment at the best rates.