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The Difference Safe, Quality Work Tents Make

October 16, 2019

AMAC Equipment Limited is your number one source when it comes to providing superior quality products such as aerial equipment, cleaners and lubricants, pole line hardware, and work tents at affordable prices. As specialists servicing the demands of clients in industries like power generation, power distribution, telecommunications, CATV cable providers, natural gas, and all government levels – we understand the need to provide product solutions that are effective and safe in application.


Work Tents You Can Count On


The same bodes true for our line of ground tents. Our Condux quick tents are safe, portable, durable, and available in five sizes that include a window vent, exhaust section, and Velcro or zippers as a means to open or close the tent’s entryway. The quick tent features a fiberglass frame and urethane nylon cover that will hold up in an array of weather conditions and stand the test of time. With easy set-up and maintenance – you can rely on our Condux quick tents to provide the roomy work environment your team needs seamlessly.


Safe, Reliable, and Quality Products


AMAC prioritizes safety when it comes to working with our products – the installation of overhead or underground cables should be performed by a trained, certified professional. Which is why we strive for excellence in our ability to get the job done as safely and effectively as possible. It is for these reasons that AMAC is proud to be a part of Dig Safe, the Electricity Distribution Association, The Infrastructure Health & Safety Association, and the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance – all stakeholders in regulating and maintaining safety standards for workers who rely on our products every day.



If you’re looking for quality work tents, aerial equipment, cleaners, lubricants, pole line hardware and more – look no further than AMAC Equipment. Our higher standard of excellence when it comes to customer service and safety is what makes all the difference. Call us today to learn more about our products and services – we’d be happy to help!