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The Best Utility Supply for Cable Installers

September 18, 2018

At AMAC Equipment, we strive to be the leading providers of aerial cable installation and underground cable installation products and services across the GTA. Our recent expansion to the arboricultural industry has lead us to include a variety of new products and utilities related to cable installation. Cable installation has evolved rapidly throughout the years, thus causing high demand for products and services. Our main goal is to provide excellent customer services along with the best utility supply on the market.


With the evolving of the industry, we have diversified our line of products and services. This includes lubricants, hand tools, cleaners, hydraulic cable cutters, and more! Our expert professionals are up to date with all industry changes and standards.


At AMAC Equipment, we are one of the best utility supply companies in the cable installation industry!


If you are looking for the best line of equipment to suit your cable installation needs, you need to know which products are best for you. We have solutions to all cable installation services and applications. Our top products are ready around the clock in case of any unforeseen installation issues.


Here is a list of a few of our favourite products for your cable installation needs:


  • Trailers, Trucks, and Accessories: Trucks and trailers are essential tools when installing any cables overhead or below ground. A trailer is the ideal tool for carrying cables to different worksites. Depending on the length of your cable and installation requirements, there are different trailers to suit your needs. Every trailer we supply can help your project result in a success.
  • Underground Tools: With the rising popularity of underground cabling, there is high demand for underground cable installation products. We supply a variety of underground products such as, duct rodders, pull tape, cable pulling grips, and many more! Our underground gear is high-quality and reliable. For example, our duct rodders are easy to use and lightweight and are crucial to the success of underground projects.
  • Aerial Tools: Our aerial cable installation products are the best in the industry. When working at great heights, it is important that the products used adhere to industry standards to ensure the safety of those using it. All of our products are designed to function perfectly and help with the installation of cable infrastructure.


At AMAC Equipment, we specialize in all gear and accessories that are related to cable installation, whether it be aerial or underground projects. Moreover, we take pride in the exceptional customer satisfaction we have provided over the past few decades. Despite the ever evolving cable installation industry, our goal of maintaining excellent products and services has always remained true. Call or email us to learn more about our products!