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The Best Planning Practices in Installing Underground Utilities

March 29, 2018

To ensure safety, precision and efficiency in installing underground utilities, pre-planning is vital. Technicians and civil planners must carefully examine and evaluate the location and size of the area to be used as well as determine the type of the utility to be placed in said corridor or line location. Part of this vital planning is proper equipment that keeps workers safe and saves time, like industry standard pull tape.


There are critical factors that must be considered including safety, setbacks, clearances and future expansion, preservation of boundaries, and future maintenance. In the case of new cable installations, all the relevant information gathered and developed should be assessed based on a common corridor configuration.


With proper tools and equipment any contractor can perform professional installations with high quality, such as hydraulic cable cutters, pull tape, pulling trailers, aerial equipment, and much more.


Having the right gear and tools is in fact a vital investment for any installation outfit. This is how any enterprise can meet industry standards for planning, design and installation of utility corridors. The pull tape, for example, can be very useful in a range of operations on the field:


  • Joint trenching - this practice is encouraged as it involves the utilization of a common trench for all utilities (pipes and cabling for gas, water, electricity and telecommunications) in a given corridor. The use of durable and high quality equipment, particularly for cable installations including cable pullers, pull tape, reel trailers, etc., is crucial for a successful operation. 
  • Utilidors - It is larger in scope as it involves establishing a common utility corridor in a geographic area for future installation of utilities. It’s a great option to maximize the effectiveness and utilization of the available area.
  • Running line or standardized line locations - this concept can be adopted to promote the most efficient, most effective and safest cable installation. It’s a consistent standard offset from property or street line for installation of utilities.


An extra roll of pull tape or pulling rope ensures that your underground cable installation project will not be disrupted. All utility tools, manhole equipment and accessories available at AMAC Equipment are made to the highest standard of service, with certified experts to provide technical solutions and professional service.


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