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The Aerial Equipment that Makes Cable Installation Effective

April 16, 2021

Aerial cable installation is just one of many crucial utility works that public utilities workers have to tend to. The greatest benefit of this kind of cable installation is the quick and easy access for maintenance and repair purposes. In order to ensure safe, reliable, and effective installations, diverse pieces of aerial equipment are used. There are a number of different tools within this kit, providing different functions for specific applications.


Here are some common aerial equipment used for cable installations:


Cable blocks

This aerial equipment is designed to help workers maintain stability during overhead installation and help prevent accidents. It is also intended to reduce maintenance requirements and increase service life. Cable blocks are made from molded plastic, durable cast aluminum, or steel. They are also available in various types, such as single roller cable blocks, which support single coaxial, copper cable, and fiber optic cables. These also have a built-in strand lock to avoid slow locomotion modes. Another type is the pole mount cable block, which supports fiber-optic or small-sized copper strands that can be attached to a three-bolt clamp. Other options are the overlash and economy blocks.


Pole brackets

Pole brackets are items that provide structural integrity by serving as the base for sheaves and other components needed to be mounted. A pole bracket comes in an easy-to-set-up ratcheting strap and pole fit for quick and convenient installation.


Cable benders

These tools are utilized to deliver a mechanical wrenching action to create loop enlargement that can last for a staggering 25 years and more. They ensure reduced stress and improve consistency.


Overhead sheaves and pullers

Overhead sheaves are meant to address various conductor dimensions with different specifications. Cable grip pullers are required to hold cables properly and safely. Together, these items help public utility workers conduct effective utility works.


Overall, finding the right equipment for the job requires knowing the tasks involved so that you know which equipment works for you. Call us at AMAC Equipment today and we will be happy to consult with you on this.