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The Advantages of Pull Tape over Pull Ropes

April 26, 2018

Although pull ropes have some uses in cable works or electrical pole work, and they have been a staple of the trade’s working tools, they have pros and cons when it comes to convenience, ease and efficiency. With better equipment and tools at hand, like pull tape, cable work can be done much faster and with less error or risk. It is more effective in many ways. With AMAC, your business can count con effective, top of the line tools to take on any job.


Disadvantages of Pull Rope versus Pull Tape


Bulky storage and weight are two of the main flaws in using pull ropes, especially out in the field where they can even become inconvenient.

  • Tying knots- When connecting to a cable end to sling over to the next side or tying knots, the pull rope is more bulky and it adds work time, effort and errors along with added weight to the overall cable length.
  • Weight deficiency- In jobs where lamp post or electrical pole work is needed overhead, weight is a critical factor. Cable works need to be installed precisely to ensure the technician’s and the public’s safety. A pull rope can mean added stress or excess weight to the whole system.

With the pull tape, overhead work is much easier. Being flat and thin, it is less bulky for storage purposes or transportation, making it easy to carry a whole length of roll along with the rest of your equipment. The benefits of easier knot tying or cable end connection when doing aerial work is a significant factor in work time and safety risks for a lot of enterprises and field technicians. The overall weight of a whole roll is also significantly lighter and has a less of a chance of friction burns compared to ropes.

With AMAC’s professional pull tape, you can count on:

  • Elongation- Pull tapes elongate less than 10% which is significantly less than ropes
  • Width- Approximately 13mm or ½ inch
  • Length- 3,000ft  or 914 meters
  • Break strength- 1,130lbs


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