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The Action Performed by a Cable Pulling Grip

May 14, 2021

When deciding which grip to use, contractors should find the one that supplies the best pulling action. The selection of a grip type is usually influenced by how heavy the cable is and the length that the pull will be. Single-weave for instance might not be strong enough for the cable being pulled. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the chosen grip is the strongest accessible version, in order to avoid issues during a particular pull. In the case of acquiring a cable pulling grip, it is ideal to discuss with the manufacturer about how much tension can be applied before it breaks.


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A Look at Grips


Commonly attached to the top of a grip is a pulling eye, which can come in a swivel, flexible, or breakaway form. The intended task dictates the type of the eye. For example, if the cable will experience many bends in the conduit, a swivel-eye kind of tool works well. This allows the cord to resist becoming tangled or twisted.


Flexible eyes are less rigid, and permit the cable to follow the pull’s line around corners and bends. The last type, known as the breakaway eye, features characteristics of both the swivel and flexible versions. However, it can separate from the grip if the amount of tension applied is too high during the pull. When it comes to working with fibre-optic cables, a breakaway swivel is the preferred choice in this scenario.


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