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The 2 Major Cable Installation Methods

August 06, 2021

Installing cables is not a simple feat, more so for aerial cable installations. Apart from using the right aerial equipment and tools, the installers must have the right skills and knowledge to perform the job. Also, focus and patience are two important qualities needed as well, which are skills that help with making necessary adjustments in real conditions. When it comes to the actual installation, there are two methods that are often used to install cables.



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Method #1


The first step of this method is to lash the cable to a steel messenger. As the very first item installed, it is found in between the poles where the cables will be laid over. Then the most widely used equipment piece, a cable reel trailer, is used to pull the cable along the steel messenger. Following this, a cable lasher and guide are utilized to secure the cable into the messenger. The next tool in action after the lasher is the aerial bucket truck, ensuring that required adjustments to the cable can be made.


In each of the poles, the cable should form an expansion loop to allow the messenger to expand. The sizes of the loop have a certain depth and length. Moreover, the cable must also keep its bending radius at a minimum at all times to avoid costly damages.


Method #2


The second installation method involves the use of self-supporting figure 8 aerial cables. This approach is known to simplify the job of placing cables into the aerial structure. It bypasses the use of several aerial equipment pieces because the self-supporting figure 8 already has the messenger and cable in its jacket or cross-section. This combination of cables and messenger strand results in a rapid one-step installation, leading to a more durable and reliable process.