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Speed Up Cable Installation with Cable Pulling Grips

June 16, 2023

Overhead and underground cable infrastructure are crucial for an uninterrupted utility supply. With a rising demand for energy, communication, and fiber internet, it is fair to assume that the need for sound cable infrastructure will increase over the coming years. Contractors and technicians responsible for setting up and maintaining cables rely on a wide range of tools and equipment to do their job well. A cable-pulling grip is one such tool that is crucial for pulling cable through conduits. We list in this blog how cable-pulling grips help speed up the cable installation process. 


What Are Cable Pulling Grips?

  • Pulling grips are an essential tool in the cable installation process. They are designed to provide a secure grip on cables during the pulling and laying of wires, which makes it easier for technicians to install them quickly and efficiently.
  • These grips come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the type of cable being installed. Some types include single-eye, double-eye, lace-up, or split mesh grips that can accommodate different wire diameters.
  • The materials used to manufacture these tools possess immaculate strength. Some popular options include stainless steel and galvanized steel or non-metallic material such as
  • One factor distinguishing cable-pulling grips from other cable installation tools is their ability to provide strain relief when heavy loads are applied. This feature ensures that cables do not break under stress while being pulled through tight spaces or around corners.


Using pulling grips can significantly speed up cable installation, making it more efficient and cost-effective. As we have seen in this blog, pulling grips are simple but effective tools that help to hold cables firmly in place during pulling them through conduits. They provide a secure grip on the cable without causing damage or distortion. By using high-quality pulling grips, you can save time and money on your next cable installation project. You can rely on AMAC Equipment Ltd. to supply the best cable installation tools, including cable-pulling grips, duct rodder, pull tape, and cable-pulling trailers. We are relied upon by contractors and technicians in the utility supply industry. Contact us today to learn about everything we can do for you.