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Reasons You Should Be Using a Hydraulic Cable Cutter

October 23, 2018

With the increase growth of the industrial cable installation sector, the development of proper tools and equipment has also progressed. There is a special focus on creating and developing tools that make a job easier and more efficient. However, there is also the added focus on safety for every worker and less stress. By achieving this, we can make sure that staff are safe to work at a higher efficiency. A hydraulic cable cutter is an excellent example of a tool that has made the industry better.


A hydraulic cable cutter is ideal for any cable installation business currently in the industry!


What Are Cable Cutters?


With the wide use of high tensile strength cables in construction, the need for cable cutters in the field has proved to be essential. By being able to resize the length of the cable after tensioning, a safer more quality result is best achieved. A hydraulic cable cutter is similar to a pair of pliers, vice grips, or even a small version of a wire cutter. A wire cutter is used by employing a clamping force using your hand on the handles of the cutters to cut the cable. This is a simple cutting tool that helps make cable cutting an easier task.


As the industry improves, the design solutions of making this job easier has taken an advanced step. Typical cable cutters, like pliers, have seen its successor, the hydraulic cable cutter, make the industry better. These tools are similar in many ways but are quite different in the execution of cutting cables. An important mechanism included in the form of a hydraulic design is the delivering of the force in order to complete the cutting process. This helps make the job easier for the technician cutting the cable.


Here are a few notable benefits when using hydraulic cable cutters:


  • Ease of Use and Consistency: With the hydraulic operation, a single action cut is easily achieved avoiding messy cuts or repeated compression to make a single cut.
  • Consistent Result: With the consistent pressure and strength of the hydraulic mechanism, a clean cut on the cable is a result achieved.
  • User Friendly and Stress Free: The hydraulic cable cutter makes the job lighter and easier for the worker on the field. With less stress and a user friendly design, this leads to a more efficient worker.