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Professional Installation Equipment with AMAC – Duct Rodder

June 15, 2018

At AMAC Equipment, we aim to provide an integrated one stop shop for underground or overhead cable work. We offer a comprehensive stock of professional-grade parts, tools and machinery like cable pullers or blowers, accessories, manhole cable handling equipment.


When it comes to the underground cabling systems, installation and upgrades, we can offer the right tools to take on any job. AMAC Equipment means outstanding tools and machinery that improve the efficiency, ease and safety of the work. A mainstay of cable installation and maintenance is the duct rodder.


Take a look at some advantages of using a duct rodder from AMAC Equipment in the field:


•    Reliable

Its dependable performance and operation increase efficiency, which makes it ideal to use in pulling electric cables and wires in large jobs or repairs. It is easy to use and provides great adaptability to most jobs.


•    Stable

Its durability and high strength quality allow it to withstand shearing stress and bending of surfaces. It also enables passing through tight bends. It has specialized coating, making it resistant to abrasion or any exterior damages and wear.


•    Light-weight

Since working in the field can be very demanding, carrying a light-weight material provides a great advantage to technicians. They come in various sizes to match any need or project.


It is important to consider the significant advantages of using duct rodders and other modern tools in the field. They make safer operation easier and save a considerable amount of time and effort in any scenario.


All of our staff at AMAC Equipment is always ready to provide you expert advice and technical knowledge. We strive to be the ideal source for gear, equipment and tools to improve cable installations and maintenance. We offer only the highest quality in gear while relying on long-standing experience in the field.