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Pole Line Hardware Basics: The Common Configurations of Pole Line Fasteners

August 24, 2017

Pole line hardware plays a significant role in any overhead cable installation operation. It is a vital part of the installation process that ensures the firm established structure of the entire network. This hardware consists of a vast range of different components, each of which has a specific function to ensure the efficiency and fluidity of the installation. One of these components is pole line fasteners, which also come in various configurations.


Types of Pole Line Hardware Fasteners


Headed Bolts - These threaded fasteners come in multiple head styles used for various pole line applications. They have an external male thread similar to screws used for assembling and mounting wooden cross arms. Head styles of bolts include:


○Square Head

○Hex Head

○Washer Head

○Carriage Head

○A325 Structural Bolt


Anchor Rods - An anchor rod is a configuration of a fastener type of pole line hardware used for assembling and mounting applications. They are commonly used pole cross arms. The various types of pole line rods include:


○Double Arming Bolt

○Double End Bolt

○Clamp Rod


Plates – These fasteners are flat square plates used against wood surfaces to provide a larger bearing surface. Plates also protect the wood from damaged as the fastener is tightened. Plates come in two different configurations.


○Flat Square Plate

○Curved Square Plate


Bent Bolts - These are fasteners that connect transmission braces to spacer fittings. They come in two different variations listed below.


○Square Head Bent Bolt

○Bent Rod with Thread in Both Ends


Nuts - These are the female counterparts of the headed bolts. Nuts fasten the bolts in whatever connection they are used for. Every bolt needs a nut in order for fasten. They come in three varieties:


○Square Nuts

○Hex Nuts

○Heavy Hex Nuts


Those are the different configurations of fasteners, which are a type of pole line hardware. These fasteners are galvanized to protect them from rust and corrosion.