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Making The Case For The Hydraulic Cable Cutter

January 28, 2020

High-tensile strength cables will always be in demand for any construction and development project – this makes an irrefutable case for the use of exceptional hydraulic cable cutter sets.


These plier-type cutters can grip and cut off cables cleanly with the clamp force of your hand; hydraulic functionality plays a vital role in providing consistent and reliable results each time.


For the unconvinced, we’ve consolidated the four - and only - reasons a construction and cable installation company will need to be swayed into owning these cutters:


1) Clean and Accurate Cuts to Be Proud Of

Typical cable cutters have lower torque and force than a hydraulic cable cutter can deliver. Because most technicians and installation staff use their hands to cut wires, it's feasible to use a set of cutters that have been designed from the ground up to deliver highly accurate and clean cuts. Remember, in any project, achieving accuracy and precision is a challenge in and of itself; the real conundrum lies in reproducing such results consistently – a goal readily achieved by hydraulic cutters.


3) User Friendly and Injury-Free

Hydraulic cable cutters, much like the ones we supply at AMAC Equipment, are user-friendly and injury-free should users follow the necessary safety precautions during operation. It's important to always have familiarity with supplementary manuals or, better yet, have a member of our team demonstrate how to use our effective cutters in the field.


3) Consistent Output

Hydraulic cable cutters are renowned for their exceptionally consistent output. Provided they receive regular maintenance and cutting edge checks, their output can deliver precision results even if there is a variation in the clamping force (since every technician and installation staff has varying grip strengths). How is this possible? It’s all thanks to its hydraulic component that ensures equal cutting force is delivered across the blade and handle clamps.


4) Maintenance? What Maintenance?

Lastly, the hydraulic cutters we supply, you’ll be joyed to know, require little to no maintenance. Gone are the days of having to extend so much of your efforts in making sure their cutting edges are in tip-top shape.


The Best Cutters Start With The Best Suppliers

AMAC Equipment has been supplying the best cable installation equipment to our clients for decades (since 1963 to be exact!). When it comes to top quality solutions, you can always count on us to deliver. Reach out and learn more about our products and services!