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Installing Overhead Cables the Right Way And With The Right Aerial Equipment

May 24, 2018

Installing cable and hardware on a pole or for any other overhead cable application requires the highest quality aerial equipment that you can trust. From tools that are suited to being used at heights, well-built and sturdy equipment that lets you scale heights and be confidently secured for extended periods is essential for your safety, the safety of others and the safety of the installation itself.


High quality aerial equipment not only makes your overhead cable installation more seamless, it keeps you safe and the little touches make your operation more efficient.


In this article we look at some safety tips and aerial equipment which will ensure a quality cable installation time and again.


  1. When installing overhead or aerial cable, first and foremost, you must be aware of the safety codes applicable in your area. Especially if the installation is over or near publicly trafficked areas, be sure to discover any legislation which dictates operational and installation safety.
  2. Before you begin cable installation, make sure that your aerial equipment is available and fully functional. Discovering that nails of the correct specification are missing or flanges are broken once you are tethered to a pole several meters off the ground can lead to losing productive time or, worse still, poor decision making. Sagging cable during installation or unavailability of pulling rope too should be ‘no fly’ items; defer cable installation rather than risk cable damage.
  3. Having the correct aerial equipment is essential too. Reel trailers, lashing equipment, swivels and brackets are essential for sturdy and long-lasting aerial cable installation. Insufficient equipment can lead to snagging of the cable, stripping of protective sheathing or worse, an unstable installation.
  4. Cables comes in all types and configurations, suited to serve a number of purposes; depending on this, the cable will have a maximum and a safe pulling and hanging strength. Make sure to use the correct aerial equipment to pull cable and not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations for the cable. Repeatedly reaching the maximum pull strength can weaken the cable and cause internal damage unbeknownst to you, rendering the aerial installation moot.


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