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Improving Cable Installation: Cable Pulling Grip

August 21, 2018

A cable pulling grip is an essential piece of equipment in any construction site, allowing technicians to take on any wiring or cable work with confidence. Cable pulling allows for easier and safer installation of electric systems, whether it is underground or aerial cable work.



A cable pulling grip provides safety and practicality when pulling cables from one location to another, particularly above ground: installation of electrical wires or heavy support cables is made much easier, faster, and safer.



They are essential in pulling electrical cables, bare conductors and copper telephone cable. The grip puller is made of galvanized steel strand that insures long life and high durability. These are just some of the advantages of AMAC’s cable pulling grips:


  • Several eye hole sizes for bolts or attachments
  • Different diameter eye hole for multiple sizes of bolts
  • Several Length ends for different structural integrity and capacity
  • Many different tensional strength settings for different applications


Fiber optic cable pulling grips also improve work time and safety in telecommunications work, designed specifically for this type of work of complicated and delicate work.


At AMAC Equipment, we strive to offer the highest quality gear available in the market for cable and line work, relying on established relationships in the industry and highly reputable providers like CableGlider. As important as they are on site, pulling grips can also have unconventional applications surfaced such as utility tent attachments, securing tarpaulin cover attachments, or securing heavy loads in work vehicles.


As an essential part of cable or electrical field work, a cable pulling grip offers reliability and safety for any project: we carry high-quality slip clutch capstans, mounts, stands, frames and a range of model including fiber optic cable pulling grips.  


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