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Important Features to Consider when Buying a Hydraulic Cable Cutter

February 28, 2018

Cutting through various types and thickness of cables requires the necessary tools to ensure efficiency and precision. These types of tools vary from manual, battery powered and electrically powered tools. Another type of tool many contractors use today is the hydraulic cable cutter, a cutting tool designed to boost and increase production by only applying a minimal amount of manual force. This tool combines both manual and mechanical operations to be more efficient and precise.


There are a few important aspects to consider in selecting a good hydraulic cable cutter.


To help you get the best suitable tool for your needs, here are the most important features you have to keep in mind:


  • Cutter Size: One of the most important aspects of buying a suitable hydraulic cutter is the size. You have to consider the size of the cable to buy the appropriate cutter for the job. You can also choose the appropriate cutter according to the application for which the tool will be used.


  • Adjustable Blade Feature: Hydraulic cable cutters that offer an adjustable blade feature are an excellent choice if you intend on cutting various materials. It’s a great feature that enables the tool to be more efficient, flexible and long lasting.


  • High Durability - It’s very important to buy a durable tool that will last for a long time. Look for properly heat-treated blades to ensure high durability and better tool reliability.


  • Comfortable Handles - A hydraulic cutter that features a comfortable handle will enhance the productivity of any contractor. With comfortable handles, the cutter will be more manageable and require less effort.


By taking these aspects into consideration, you can pick the most suitable hydraulic cable cutter for your needs, ensuring that tool you will buy is efficient, easy to handle and highly durable.


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