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Important Facts about Pole Line Hardware

July 31, 2017

Pole lines are columns or posts used to support overhead public utilities such as overhead cables, transformers, power lines, street lights and fiber optic cables. They are used as a means of insulating the utilities from the ground and out of the reach of people and vehicles. These support poles are excellent for ensuring that these utilities are transmitted and distributed with no interruptions by people or vehicles. As such, the material used in making pole line hardware must be durable and strong.


This hardware can extend to include fasteners that ensure fully supported cables. Fasteners such as crossover clamps are suited for multiple dimensions of cables. Using such clamps helps to stabilize the junctions between multiple cables.


Pole Line Hardware is Used in Multiple Industries

Pole line hardware is used industries such as telecommunication, aviation, electrical, automotive, fabrication, marine, medical, mining and aerospace. This hardware is made of various materials including steel, aluminum, platinum, silver, titanium and copper.


Manufacturers of pole line hardware have been in existence since the 19th century. As such, the manufacture and design of pole line hardware has improved over time. It is important to understand the different specifications and requirements of your cables. Choosing fasteners that are suited to these exact tolerances is crucial to ensure stability.


Since pole lines support and distribute utilities for long periods of time, the hardware used in the making of pole lines must be subjected to tests that enhance strength and eliminate the possibility of weakness. These tests include wet and dry AC withstand, thermal imaging, compression, radio interference voltage and partial voltage tests.


With daily advancements in technology, distributors of pole line utilities have embraced safety and efficiency that goes a long way in serving the general population. AMAC Equipment supplies tested and true high-quality hardware like crossover clamps and drop hardware to suit multiple applications in the field.