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Important Cable Installation Tools

June 15, 2022

Cables play an important role in utility supply. From fiber internet and telephone lines to electricity, a good cable infrastructure is essential for the supply of each of the aforementioned utilities.

A sound infrastructure of cables can be set up only with the help of good quality tools and equipment. Contractors cannot do much without the right set of tools. AMAC Equipment Ltd. is a trusted supplier of cable installation tools. Our expansive selection of tools makes us one of the best names in the business. 

Here are our most popular cable installation tools.


Calibration Dynamometer
The Calibration Dynamometer is very helpful on the worksite for contractors as they help verify that the puller's calibration has not changed. There is a chance of the calibration being changed when the relief valve has been adjusted by the workers on site. 

TurboSlitter is a widely used product from Condux. It can easily split HDPE pipe with thicknesses up to 0.216 inches. This effective tool comes in pneumatic and cordless drill styles.

Cable Jacket & Innerduct Slitter
Also from Condux, the Cable Jacket & Innerduct Slitter is an easy-to-use and effective tool capable of slitting HDPE pipes with ease. the cordless drill attachment of this tool fits a wide range of rechargeable drills of 14-volt and above. Contractors can save time and effort with the help of a Cable Jacket & Innerduct Slitter manufactured by Condux.

Telephone Cable Cutters
Telephone cable cutters are lightweight shear-type cable cutters perfect for copper pair telephone cables. This cutter helps contractors save time and effort by simplifying the process of cable cutting. Telephone cables are made of high-quality copper making them difficult to cut without the right tool.

You can rely on AMAC Equipment Ltd. for the best cable pulling tools and equipment. Our wide range of products includes hydraulic cable utters, aerial equipment, and pole line hardware. Contact us today to learn about everything we can do for you.