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Importance Of Reel Trailers For Contractors

April 06, 2022

Contractors are trusted with the important task of installing and maintaining the infrastructure of cables for an entire city. A sound and dependable cable infrastructure is vital for utility supply. The supply of electricity and fibre optic internet is dependent on overhead and underground cables.


For the laying of cables underground and for the successful overhead pulling of cables, contractors rely on a wide range of tools and equipment. Such equipment is designed to help contractors complete their tasks at hand in the shortest possible time with maximum efficiency. Reel trailers are one such piece of equipment that helps contractors with underground cable laying.

Here are a few reasons that make reel trailers important

Offers safe storage of cable

Cables that are laid underground for efficient utility supply are built to withstand heavy loads. The thick outer coating offers protection to the cable when it is laid underground with earth and concrete covering them. These underground cables are heavy and need to be stored safely. Contractors can source reel trailers with different sizes of spindles attached to them for safely storing cables of different lengths and measurements.


Easy transportation

These trailers with spindles attached to them also have wheels making it easier to transport the cable to the location of your choice with relative ease. Contractors can source RTs with single or multiple spindles depending on the size of cable that they need to transport. 


Electric breaks, safety chains, rear stabilizer, electrical junction box, breakaway kit, and auto-loading capacity are some additional features that RTs offer. The quality of tyres ensures that you can transport cables with the help of RTs without worrying about the mobile trailer breaking down on the way. 

You can rely on AMAC Equipment Limited for sourcing reel trailers of the best quality at even better rates. Contact us today to learn about the wide range of aerial equipment we supply.