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Importance Of Cable Lubricants In Cable Pulling

August 17, 2022

Cables are a pivotal part of the utility supply infrastructure in a city. Without the overhead and underground cable networks, it won't be possible to ensure an uninterrupted supply of utilities like electricity and optic fiber internet.


A wide range of sophisticated tools and equipment are used by contractors to pull the cables with the right tension and strength between overhead poles. Like overhead cables, a lot of friction is generated even while pulling underground cables through conduits and duct banks.


Too much friction can damage the cables and lead to breakage. This is why using top-quality cable lubricants is highly recommended. AMAC Equipment Limited is a top supplier of utility supply tools and products, including lubricants. Our extensive selection of lubricants greatly helps contractors in cable pulling.



Best cable lubricants from AMAC Equipment Ltd.


Polywater® LZ Universal Cable Pulling Lube
Polywater is one of the leading brands in the lubricant industry. The Polywater® LZ Universal Cable Pulling Lube. The low friction coefficient offered by this lubricant ensures that it offers maximum tension reduction on all cable jacket types. The universal application of this lube guarantees the best results when applied on cables for power, instrumentation, and control. 


TechLube®-FO Fiber Optic Cable Pulling Lubricant
Fiber optic cables are essential for making high-speed internet available to all. TechLube®-FO Fiber Optic Cable Pulling Lubricant is safe on plastics and will not cement the cable to the conduit's bottom. It offers a superior lubricating film and evenly coats and clings to fiber optic cables. The water-based formula makes this lube biodegradable.


Techlube®-HD Heavy-Duty Cable Pulling Lubricant
Get this lube from AMAC Equipment at the best rates to get maximum friction reduction and make cable pulling easy. This lube is compatible with everything from natural rubber and neoprene to linear low density polyethylene and ethylene propylene rubber, making it highly versatile.


Get in touch with us today to learn about our wide range of products. Apart from cable lubricants, we also supply sealants and cable cleaners. Our collection of reel trailers is also impressive.